Ashleymadison dating regular expression for validating phone number

"However, there were also less expected sources."In the case of Ashley Madison, a well-known adultery platform, 200,000 of the leaked credentials apparently involved corporate email accounts.

Work emails were also used for Mate1 and other dating sites.

Avid Life Media, which owns and operates Ashley Madison, says it has hired Rob Segal as CEO and James Millership as president.

It says they joined the company three months ago and their goal is to "rebuild Ashley Madison" as the world's most "open-minded" dating community.

Speaking to the Irish Times last week Segal said: "We checked Ashley into rehab, we fixed her up and she's going to come back, if the market still wants to hear from her." Well, of course it does.

A study at the University of San Diego last year stated that "online dating apps should, in theory, help millennials find sexual partners more easily.Marriott tells that it was difficult to assess how many of the leaked passwords would have also worked on their associated corporate accounts as Digital Shadows does not have access to companies' internal systems and many of the passwords were encrypted.However, it seemed likely that many passwords were re-used between corporate and third-party accounts where people used the same email addresses."Within the data you can see, in some incidences, password hints—sometimes 'the usual'," Marriott says.Avid said it has enhanced security and monitoring as well as new payment options but the announcement provided few details."The company is truly sorry for how people's lives and relationships may have been affected by the criminal theft of personal information.