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This holds especially true given that Swann pinned Dar when it's Tozawa and Kendrick who were the two with an actual feud brewing.BRENNEN LEIGH – NOEL Mc KAY JUMPIN HOT CLUB @ OLD LAUNDERETTE DURHAM 24/07 After seeing Brennen Leigh and Noel Mc Kay impress as part of the bluegrass quartet High Plains Jamboree at the Jumpin’ Hot’s outdoor stage at this year’s Summer Tyne Americana Festival it was ...a must, that I go see them in the wilds of Durham, again as a duo. Texas-born Noel Mc Kay and his partner North Dakota-born Brennen Leigh are both incredible songwriters.Other touring keyboardists for the band have been Nicky Hopkins (1967–82), Ian Mc Lagan (1978–1981), Billy Preston (through the mid-1970s) and Chuck Leavell (1982-present).The band was first led by Jones, but after teaming as the band's songwriters, Jagger and Richards assumed leadership while Jones dealt with legal and personal troubles.