Dating a hiv positive man

The solution lies in a wrapper inside the goodie box by the bed. You both want a relationship but you don’t want to risk contracting HIV and he does not want to risk passing it to you either.HIV can complicate relationships in many ways - while you say that your partner is able to manage the disease well now, the disease will have its good days and bad days.There will be the anxiety and the cost that goes along with it, and it will impact your sex life.

16 08 2016 - My boyfriend is HIV positive and I am negative.

My problem is I cant decided and I keep changing my mind from day to day with him and it is causing alot of confusion between us. Hi OP, No, I don't think that you are mad to date somebody with HIV, but having said that, like dating anybody with a serious illness, it's not something that can be simply pushed aside either.

Like it or not this illness will affect your life together, and you need to make yourself aware of that.

I met a man about 3 years ago and he is very smart, sincere and good looking.

He is very athletic and popular with the girls as they always comment on his looks. is undectable and his immune system is very very strong.