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and scrap it altogether, dating is an important part of life for many people.

Unfortunately, it seem like there is a long list of rules and guidelines that you should listen to one minute, and ignore the next.

Someone who's meant for me won't care about those things." —Liz K., 21"So not helpful!

" —Sarah G., 24"I think your exes can cause you to develop some toxic relationship habits and it's important to be able to talk about that with your current S.

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"Making a move will show that a woman has confidence, thus making her more desirable," April Davis, dating expert and CEO of LUMA, a luxury matchmaking service, says in an email exchange with Romper.

But hey, Cosmo doesn’t have all the answers and neither do I.

And hopefully my advice comes a little closer to your truth as a nonbinary person.

It's one thing to ask your close girlfriends what they think about that dude you just started seeing, but it's another thing entirely to have your middle-aged aunt (or worse, a friend who is smug about having what she sees as a "perfect relationship") swoop in and act like they know everything about what you want from your love life.

Good intentions are always appreciated, but trust: if a piece of advice has been said before, she's it before—probably from several people, so think twice before dishing it out.