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Hong Kong was later occupied by Japan during the Second World War until British control resumed in 1945.The Sino-British Joint Declaration signed between the United Kingdom and China in 1984 paved way for the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong in 1997, when it became a special administrative region (SAR) of the Peoples Republic of China with a high degree of autonomy.If burnt, they emit dioxins, harmful and carcinogenic fumes.This is aggravated by the fact that these plastics can stay around for tree centuries.will always help you to spend time interesting and not boring! Online Chat offers you access to all the best alternatives sites like Omegle and Chatroulette.This will allow you to chat one on one with another companion, which you can see through a web camera.

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Hong Kong maintains a separate political and economic system from China.

Except in military defence and foreign affairs, Hong Kong maintains its independent executive, legislative and judiciary powers., actively and independently.

Plastic bags cause numerous environmental and health issues; they are a threat for humans as well as for terrestrial animals like ruminant, who accidentally ingest them, or for birds and marine species like turtles, cetaceans or tuna who can get ensnared and die.

These plastics can as well be ingested by some fish species, and find their way into our plates, which is a real threat to human health.