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Freely meet Nigerian People online, view users' photos and create your photo gallery, send and receive messages, chat rooms, members search functions, and many more available for free.Online personals and free dating service "Nigerian Dating".The areas making up Niger State today comprised the old Nupe and Kontogora Kingdos, Abuja (now Suleja) with link to the famous kingdom of Zauzau and a host of other political entities.The old Nupe Kingdom today has been broken administratively into the Bida Emirate (encompassing Gboko and Lavun Local Government areas) and the Agaie and Lapai emirates.The Nupe are found in Gboko, Lavun, Lapai, Agaie and parts of Mariga, while the Gwari, Kadara and Koro occupy Suleja, Chanchaga and Shiroro.The Kambari and Kamuku are found in Mariga, Magama and Rafi Local Government.THANKS TO THE MN TEAM Amaka247 I am very very grateful to you people. amen Loveinme I want to appreciate the team that work day and night to bring us the best site to meet fellow Nigeria . I have through this forum met someone whom I feel we'll go a long way together & I wish to close my account with the site.I just opened my account on Sunday and I have just got dates one told me to logoff so others wont poach me. Meanwhile I shall be recommending you to anybody I know. I have met someone here and we are very close and we are praying for God to complete the good work he has started between us. To other please keep the faith and believe in yourself someday the right partner, friend and lover will surely locate you. I have however recommended it to so many of my friends.

As sovereign entities, States of Nigeria have the right to organize/structure their individual governments in any way within the parameters set by the Constitution of Nigeria.There are ten Local Government Areas in the State, viz: Chanchaga, Lapai, Suleja, Shiroro, Rafi, Lavun, Mariga, Magama, Agaie annd Gbako.The three principal ethnic groups of the State are the Nupe, the Gwari and the Hausa.Thanks & God bless fareedah I met my former husband on this site 6 years ago as well we had a son, sadly we divorced and I decided to give the site a 2nd chance, and now I have met my soul mate.This time I going take it slow, but I feel this is the one.