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Your male friends would say that they stare at women because they are so damn good looking, and that they envy God for having such outstanding creativity! Most men do it, but they also add that they try their best not to, but it’s just their involuntary reflexes. And besides, we’re not actually going to reciprocate the ogles of a coward, are we? And it’s probably because they know they’ll never have the courage to walk up and approach a girl, and ask her out.

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When she bent over, I could see her breasts encased in her white, frilly bra. when i met my sociopath in person i could not believe the intensity of his eyes. ive never seen eyes like this before in my life it was like i was pulled to them.people are ( women ) always commenting on his pics about how intense his eyes , how sexy. when i found out he was a sociopath i looked at a picture of his eyes and saw something i had never seen before. i wish i could put his picture here and show you but i wont do that.Women often mistake it as "being sexy" and for "Sexual Attraction" eye gazing occurs in copious amounts during the "Luring and honeymoon stage" at the beginning of the relationship.Robert Hare refers to the Psychopath's gaze as "Intense eye contact and piercing eyes" and even suggested people avoid consistant eye contact with them.