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As a female, why is me putting that I have children such a turn off to men, but when men post gushy pics with their kids, the ladies love it?

I'm not looking for a new dad for my kids, just some companionship for myself!

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“These con artists usually pose as American citizens who have unexpectedly experienced a medical, legal, financial or other type of emergency in Malaysia that requires immediate financial assistance.

“Co-conspirators may pose as Malaysian lawyers or medical professionals to verify the story and the supposed urgent need for cash.” The embassy also claimed that there were victims who reported losses amounting to tens of thousands of US dollars.

With the summer season upon us, I’ve seen she is becoming less social compared to she’s ever been. But also for those who deal with acne, the summertime can be dreadful. It breaks my heart to see her missing her pals as a result of her instability. – Really Stressed Mommy Precious Very Stressed Mama, For most teenagers, summertime implies flexibility from institution, even more interacting socially, and also fun.It is a pretty easy way to dramatically increase the size of that dating pool with a few clicks of a mouse. Don’t let that frighten you – but like any date – be cautious.4.