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Originally developed by Maugerite Maury in France during the 1930's (2), this approach has become the dominant form of Aromatherapy practiced in English-speaking countries.

Employing relatively low dosages of essential oils (generally 2.5% or less in massage applications), the majority of therapeutic effects noted appear to be primarily of a secondary "energetic" or "terrain" nature, as in the case of acupuncture or homeopathy, for example, as well as working via the olfactory sphere."Holistic" Aromatherapy originally developed primarily in the domain of beauty therapy.

Practitioner training, even up to the present day, has tended to concentrate more on massage and other application methods, than on an in-depth understanding of essential oils from both the chemical/pharmacological viewpoint and their full history of use in traditional medicine. Maury also stated her own preference to avoid the more "medical" applications of essential oils, including internal use.

Such applications, she felt, were best left to medical practitioners. Maury, the growth of "Holistic" Aromatherapy continued primarily in England by those influenced by her, such as Marceline Arcier and Daniele Ryman.

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