Intimidating wikipedia

“Both men and women,” study author Susan Herring wrote, “said their main reason for not participating was because they were intimidated by the tone of the discussions, though women gave this reason more often than men did. I want a way to team up with someone who knows the markup and can help iron out problems before stuff gets published.

Women were also more negative about the tone of the list. I want a social backbone to keep me contributing and caring, one that doesn’t depend on the frequency of my contributions.

Like you, I wish the interface was nicer but I think the whole wiki-point is “stripped down” or perhaps it’s just “for geeks only”.” It’s true that study after study after study has found that around the world, women have less free time than men. gone the next day are still high, and on top of all my work I don’t get anything back apart from the ineffable sensation of contributing to humanity’s knowledge base.

But it’s worth also noting though, that a 1992 survey investigating why women didn’t participate much in an academic discussion list found that women were in fact LESS likely to describe themselves as “too busy” to contribute, than men. I want friends who will excitedly inform me how pleased they were by my penultimate paragraph, dammit.

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