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There are always tons of cool people, and I have somewhere to go when life gets boring. I'm glad this is here, I don't know what I would do without all the friends I've met!this chat site is a fun way to chat to different people all over the world and even people that are near you! I saw that you also have a tattoo on your right shoulder. I got that when I was 15 when my dad became the chief of his village. He’s a chief in Samoa, so he got that tattoo to commemorate it.Preferably older than me, since that will help me act my part in this fantasy of mine.This does not necessarily mean BDSM, I just want to follow your instructions.This allows easy comparisons between terms and Governments.This newsletter is normally only available by e-mail.

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im from middlesbrough and it lets me talk to people from places like portsmouth or blackpool or even people in scotland and wales its so cool so thanks teen chat =DMan these chat rooms are so awesome! Great place for meeting new people who totally understand what you've been through or what your going through and wont judge you because of what you dress or look like.

it makes you smile and has a thrilling feeling with the people that u meet, so go ahead and chat for free.

love kell xoxo I've been going to teen chat since i was in junior high and it has always been the best to meet new people....

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