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But each metaphor – thoughtfully considered and very charming, much like the Ethiopian-Irish actress herself – help drives home one single thing: The delicate, brave nature of taking on such a meaningful and important role.Nichols’ film eschews the standard high-drama biographical movie formula, instead focusing on the more intimate aspects of the love story that would go on to change the face of marriage in America.Set in 1967, Jeff Nichols’ film chronicles the love story between Caucasian brick-layer Loving and his African American wife, Mildred (played by Ruth Negga), and the Supreme Court case Loving vs. To prep for the role, the 41-year-old actor spent weeks revisiting Loving's path in Richmond, going to brick-laying school, visiting the couples' graves, and filming at the prison where they were incarcerated. This time it feels special in a whole different way. Jeff Nichols was really dedicated to incorporating Richard Loving's real life experiences into the film.

Months on from Cannes, we’re sitting down to a late breakfast in Beverly Hills, not too far from Laurel Canyon, where Edgerton and his director brother, Nash, bought a “shitty little house – a kind of stop-in thing”.recounts the story of Mildred and Richard Loving (played by Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton), a Virginia couple who faced jail time for eloping in Washington, D. Edgerton, who previously received good notices for his violent Tom Buchanan in , plays Richard as a man of few words, who keeps his eyes down and his emotions bottled up. Color of Love: Celebs in Interracial Relationships​ RELATED: Racist Trolls Attack Old Navy for Ad Featuring Interracial Family “Both performers should enter the best actor and actress conversations.The presence of Grey forces Richard to realise that perhaps their story is bigger than just one man wanting to love his wife, and it also helps bring the story outside of the pair’s small town life for the audience, to capture the importance of the actions of two normal people. Virginia was a success for the Lovings and their lawyers, and saw the United States Supreme Court finally invalidate laws across all 50 states from prohibiting interracial marriage.But it doesn’t matter that the audience have the knowledge that the pair were successful, because Loving is actually, as Nichols told uk, a story about ‘something so universal, which is love, but also the humanity at the centre of that’.