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But it feels good to see Taiwanese actually saying it out loud.

There are so many good things to be said about Taiwan’s society, and it has gone through such impressive developments, that I am quite confident: In a few years time, many of these problems will have been resolved.

You may have heard the rumor that Taipei is full of pretty young girls, and it’s true.

They are skinny with long, straight hair and nice skin, talented with makeup and stylishly dressed in their knock-off designer clothes, and they are everywhere.

Taiwanese same-sex couple Daphne Chiang and Kenny Jhuang are getting married at the end of the year.

Self-ruled Taiwan’s constitutional court ruled on Wednesday that same-sex couples can tie the knot under existing law.

Such an outcome is a first in Asia, where socially conservative attitudes mostly hold sway.

Democratic Taiwan is famed for an annual gay pride parade that showcases the vibrancy of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Hell, I even had a short-term fling with a Taiwanese celebrity. The simple fact remains that both locals and foreign guys have no interest in dating us.

But after moving to Taiwan, I experienced a sudden change.

Most guys would glance at me and then look away, not seeming to notice me.

Somewhere in the fictional version of New York City, Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw are shedding tears for me.

After 9 months of living in Taipei, I’ve just about given up on men in Asia.